Thursday, April 26, 2007

Now that it's written, I can't turn back!

I have this bloody awful habit of starting projects that I don't finish. I blame it on my self-diagnosed ADD and would often use the excuse that I am a visionary and can't be bothered with mundane tasks such as actual execution. But this is the year that I whip my house into the mid-Century modern home that it longs to groove to. So to make myself accountable, here's my to-do list:

  • Paint front entrance and build mudroom-type shelving for shoes/coats/dog leashes (by June 1)
  • Reorganize upstairs office and make it a super-cute creative boardroom (by June 1)
  • Decorate master bedroom, install closet system (by June 1)
  • Plant front yard flowers and clean up backyard (by June 30)
  • Redecorate guestroom (by June 30)
  • Reaarange living room and dining room (by June 30)
  • Clean up downstairs office (by July 30)
  • Finish 2 year kitchen renovation (by September 1)
  • Organize garage (by September 1)
I better get my lazy ass to work!

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